Penny Jones

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Penny Jones

Penny set up the studio at the Suffolk Food Hall in 2010. She trained for three years under the Pilates Foundation, first with Hanna Jones, Suzanne Lahusen and Sonia Noonan at The Place and the with Anne-Marie Zulkahari at Pilates Yoga Movement in Clerkenwell. Penny has a BA(Hons) in Politics and Philosophy from Manchester University. She joined BBC News as a trainee after graduating and worked as a reporter, producer and programme editor for twenty years, always enjoying Pilates classes before transferring her skills to teaching and managing the studio. Penny and her husband, Tim, came back to their home county of Suffolk to bring up their two children.

Tarina Stocks

Tarina Stocks is our Studio Manager and is in reception five mornings a week. The studio wouldn’t work without Tarina organising everything. You can call, email or see her in person to book and swap classes, and to hire the studio space for your own classes and workshops. Tarina was a Senior Nurse at Ipswich hospital for ten years, specialising in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Bobby Robson was one of her patients. Her knowledge is excellent when it comes to placing people in a class that suits them best. Tarina has benefitted first hand from Pilates when she suffered a whip lash injury. Tarina’s love of reading resulted in our excellent and popular book swap service, she’s always on hand for a recommendation.

Joanna Leigh

Having always enjoyed an active lifestyle and with 3 young children to run around after, Joanna turned to Pilates when back and neck pain started to impact everyday life. The improvement Pilates brought, along with greater body awareness and an overall feeling of wellbeing led to Joanna deciding to train with the Pilates Foundation to teach matwork classes.

Tina Engelmann

Tina has been practicing Pilates for more than 15 years, after completing Pilates Foundation accredited training. She loves to share her passion to help people fulfil their potential. Tina is fascinated by bodies – anatomy and biodynamics and how they impact on a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. In her classes you’ll discover muscles you didn’t know you had. You’ll tone and define muscles you haven’t been able to see results with before, and release tense muscles providing more length and flexibility. Tina aims to make all her lessons enjoyable, challenging, informative and effective.

Nicola Murthi

Nicola Murthi
Nicola is a fully trained matwork Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates and is also a certified High Intensity Power Pilates teacher with the Lisa B Academy. She is passionate about inspiring and educating others to reap the benefits of Pilates, as she has personally experienced the benefits that Pilates can give.
She is also a trainee primary school teacher and has enjoyed teaching her pupils all about the wonders of Mr Pilates! In her spare time, she loves travelling, spending time with family and friends and can often be seen walking the peninsula with her dog, Millie.

Lucy Reid

Lucy has a passion for health and fitness comes from her love of helping people feel the best they can feel and be the best they can be. Often the most important things in life get put to the side in this modern way of life. Her aim is to promote the importance of fitness and wellness by leading a balanced lifestyle for a healthy body and mind to as many people as possible.
Lucy loves making people feel good about their bodies but watching people come out of their shell and become more confident in themselves and achieve all sorts of things that they wouldn't have done before is why she does what she does.
She is a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor, 200hr Yoga Teacher and a Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor trying to make the world a happier, healthier and fitter place to be, one person at a time.

Our Team