Pilates mat exercises are derived from the original apparatus exercises. Body weight and gravity is used to provide resistance instead of springs. 

We teach mat classes with a small number of people. This allows teachers to make corrections and adjustments to keep movements safe and effective.  

Many of our classes are particularly suitable for beginners and those who prefer to work at a slower pace. These gentle classes focus on breathing and mobility. We limit loaded forward flexion of the spine so they are often good for people with osteoporosis.  

Most mat classes are performed lying or sitting on the floor.  We use balls, bands, discs and rollers. All of which are provided. 


Pilates was originally only taught on the apparatus. This consists of the cadillac or trapeze table, the reformer, the wunda chair and the ladder barrel. In our studio we use the full range of apparatus plus lots of smaller equipment such as balls and rollers.

Apparatus Pilates uses the resistance and assistance of differently weighted springs. This differs from mat Pilates where the original exercises have been adapted to use body weight and gravity instead of springs.

The apparatus classes are taught either 1:1 or in very small groups. Each person is taught individually and every exercises is selected and adjusted to suit their needs.

These classes are perfect for rehabilitation or for addressing specific conditions. The apparatus is also great for advanced student with lots of Pilates experience. Controlling the springs is very precise and provides significant challenge. It makes it a favourite among elite athletes.


We offer a range of solutions if you can’t come to the studio. Maybe you are on holiday or live too far from the studio, or you may be self isolating for health reasons. 



Well-being classes for office workers have been an important part of what we do for some years now. Pilates is an ideal practice to counteract the affects of a sitting at a computer for most of the day or for those who have a very physically demanding job. Classes can take place in a suitable place in the workplace or at our Studio. Contact us to discuss what would suit you best, and we can come up with a package that could save a lot of days off with stress and bad backs.